A knitted weighted blanket that is naturally breathable

Queen & Single Size

Includes both a plush cover and inner cotton weight sleeve

Queen & King Size

Includes both a cool cotton cover and inner wight sleeve

Queen Size


rocabi Dog Anxiety Blanket Stress Relief and Calming 35"x48"

  • The rocabi dog weighted blanket is a patent-pending veterinarian-approved designed pet blanket that applies gentle constant pressure to help calm anxiety fear and over-excitement in dogs
  • 35" x 48" in size, dark grey in color and extremely easy to use with a removable machine washable cover
  • The blanket comes in 2 different weights. One size carefully created for small/med size dogs which weighs approximately 5lbs, and one specifically designed for dogs over 50 lbs which weighs approximately 7 lbs. Great for helping calm dogs in stressful situations such as thunderstorms, car rides, barking, separation anxiety and restless sleep to name a few
  • Weighted blankets have been used for years to help humans with anxiety, stress, autism, restless sleep and various other ailments. We have found this works well on dogs and even cats to help promote relaxation and an alternative to pills, chews, treats, sprays or drops