Get the Sleep you deserve with the best luxury weighted blanket on the market. Invest in a sleep today and get hugged to sleep all night, every night

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Three premium materials for comfort, durability &

even distribution of relaxing weight

The rocabi weighted blanket was designed to give you the perfect hug, warmth and sleep relief. Weather you are a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper rocabi’s weight has to be experienced to be believed and give you a soft embrace for an astounding nights rest

Luxurious, Warm Removable Cover Provides Amazing Comfort

The silky soft faux cover feels like real mink and the textured dots gives sensory feedback to the senses. The removability makes maintenance a breeze while offering flexibility for use on both hot summer nights and cold wintery evenings

Heavy Inner Weighted Sleeve Provides Even Weight Distribution

The inner weighted sleeve is divided into 5" pockets. The 400 thread count cotton is breathable and the pockets provide even weight distribution. Corner snaps link the cover to the inner shell to prevent clumping or bunching of the blanket

Premium Glass Beads Add Weight and Density Effectively

Glass beads are the best fill for weighted blankets. With the consistency of fine salt the beads provide mass without being lumpy. They do not create noise from rusting and glass is stable and not not off gas any harmful odors


How To Choose The Right Weight & Size

Single Person’s Weight Combined Couple’s Weight Blanket Weight

30 - 50 lbs


5 lbs

50 - 70 lbs


7 lbs

70 - 120 lbs

120 - 150 lbs

10 lbs

120 - 170 lbs

150 - 200 lbs

15 lbs

170 - 220 lbs

200 - 250 lbs

20 lbs

220 - 270 lbs

250 - 300 lbs

25 lbs

300 - 350 lbs

350 - 400 lbs

30 lbs

Superior Design & Material

The geometric, contemporary design is perfect complement for any bedroom. rocabi only uses the best, most premium materials that need to be experienced to be appreciated

Comfort You Can Count On

The weight of the blanket conforms to your body and the weight provides a gentle pressure that mimics a hug which your brain interprets as a hug. This can stop your mind racing and reduce anxiety, stress and while aiding a restful deep sleep

Sleep Deeper For Longer

Our products were inspired by the scientific research and we developed with rigorous standards to create a stunning drug free sleep aid. You need to feel to believe

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