Sleeping Potion

If you are looking for a natural sleep aid to help you fall asleep faster and make the most out of your shut-eye look no further than the Elixir below. Throw out the Advil PM and sip this delicious concoction 60 minutes prior to bed time to accelerate your journey to sleep.

Life Hacker Tim Ferris discusses his sleep routine and the how consuming this recipe "knocks you out".


Sleep Potion Recipe

 Step One: As part of a healthy sleep routine prepare this potion one hour prior to sleeping.

 Step Two: Place one  non caffeinated douglas fir, sprint tips, tea bag in a cup of hot

(not boiling) water  and allow to steep for 2 minutes and then remove the bag.



Juniper Ridge Wild harvested Tea, Douglas Fir Spring Tip


 Step Three : Add one tablespoon of organic, apple cider vinegar to the tea.

One Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
Step Four : Add one tablespoon of organic, unfiltered, raw honey to the tea and allow it to dissolve fully 
Unfiltered Raw Honey
Step Five : Drink the potion and head to you bed to enjoy your dreams.
Weighted Blanket Sleeping Potion
*Special thanks to Seth Roberts who was the original creator of this recipe.
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