Assembly Instructions



How is the blanket assembled?

The blanket is made up of two components. An inner weighted shell and an out cover

  1. Lay the inner weighted shell on a flat surface
  2. Locate the concealed zipper on the outer cover
  3. Turn the outer cover inside out
  4. Align the corners ties of both the inner weighted blanket and the outer cover
  5. With a bow, use the corner ribbons to tie the outer cover to the inner weighted blanket
  6. Reach through the zipper and grab the opposite corners of the blanket
  7. Pull the furthest corners completely through the zipper opening and thus turning the entire blanket outside in
  8. Shake each side of the blanket with a wave motion to rebalance the glass beads
  9. Close the zipper 
  10. Enjoy a great nights sleep


How is the inner blanket held in place? 

Both the inner blanket and outer cover have corner ribbons that tie the blankets together. This ensures the inner blanket does not move out of tandem with the cover

Corner Ribbons

Concealed Zipper

Concealed Zipper