How to Sleep Best for Your 
Zodiac Sign?

How to Sleep Best for Your 
Zodiac Sign?


If you’ve ever taken a few minutes to look up your star sign, you’ve likely read some uncanny sentences that seem like they’ve been written directly for you. Often, our star signs can perfectly capture our personalities, our strengths and our weaknesses.

It then follows that these personalities will affect our ability to relax, disconnect from the stresses of life and begin our nightly wind-down routine. So, let’s explore how each sign affects how we sleep:

Starsigns Below in Order:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

How Best to Sleep if You’re an… Aries

If too much time is spent doing unproductive or unenjoyable things, Aries are prone to anxiety and restlessness. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest at least an hour into chilling out before bedtime.

Sleep tip: try sipping on a chamomile tea for an extra-smooth transition into the world of sleep.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Taurus

The sign of passion and sensuality, you love relaxation time. So, it’s worth investing in things that will make you feel extra comfortable like soft lighting, diffusers, weighted blankets and the like, especially if you find it difficult to shrug off the stress of the day.

Sleep tip: it’s always worth investing in your comfort, so if you’re trying to decide between cheaper bed sheets or slightly lower quality lighting, go for the option that maximizes your comfort!


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Gemini

The Gemini is an impulsive, spontaneous person. You are not afraid of a late-night phone call or an evening stroll, but be careful to note what helps you get to sleep and what doesn’t. A walk may put you in the perfect frame of mind for sleep, or it may wake you up, so try a few things and learn to say no from time to time.

Sleep tip: Try to embrace an evening routine, even if you break it from time to time, and limit distractions in the bedroom. The “do not disturb” function on your phone is your friend.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Cancer

Your home is your castle, and everything must be in order before you settle down for the evening. As a “nester,” you love a clean, tidy home and may find it hard to relax if there’s a job left undone.

Sleep tip: remember that not everything has to be done immediately, and it’s okay for you to delegate jobs to your future self. If you find yourself falling into bed late and not having enough energy the next day, you can also consider hiring a cleaner if you have the budget to make sure your home is ready for you.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Leo

As someone with a tendency to be hot and cold during the day, you must get a good night’s sleep. When you’re fully rested, you’re sweet and caring, but when you’re deprived of a silent, restorative sleep, you’re liable to become irritated by those you love the most. 

Sleep tip: make sure you go to bed in a quiet environment. Give yourself plenty of space as you settle down for the evening, and avoid playing music (besides ambiance or sleep music) or watching TV as you fall asleep.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Virgo

You love a good routine, and you thrive off of scheduled activities. Your relaxation process is no different, and you likely set aside a little chill-out time before bed.

Sleep tip: if your nighttime routine fails to relax you, try running a nice, warm bath to ease you into a relaxed state of mind. It’s okay to start a completely new routine if your current one isn’t working.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Libra

Spiritual Librans respond well to healing crystals, smudge sticks and incense. A Libra’s favorite place is their bedroom – it’s a place of spiritual peace, clarity and rest. Whether you’re spiritual or not, a bedtime ritual will help you sleep.

Sleep tip: try meditating before you go to bed. You’re probably no stranger to meditation, but doing so for even 5 minutes when you get into bed can bring about a further sense of tranquility. 


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Scorpio

You’re an energetic, impatient person who needs excitement and work to stay sane! Many Scorpios are found up at night doing chores, playing games, or working, so make sure you choose a cut-off point for when you have to go to bed – and leave your phone in a different room.

Sleep tip: get to bed before midnight, even if this means cutting your late-night TV watching short. Your body will thank you in the long run!


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Sagittarius

You’re always dreaming of more, and you have big aspirations for your life. This can often result in you losing sleep because you’re too busy planning your next holiday or career move.

Sleep tip: carefully choose when you make plans and when you relax. By doing one when you should be doing the other, you’re hindering your ability to benefit from this process. If you’ve decided you want to relax, then do so. If you’ve decided to research flights or update your CV, fine, but don’t multitask.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Capricorn

This earthy sign is very particular, and you, as a Capricorn, probably know what you need to be able to sleep well. Whether that’s particular cotton for your bed linens or a special essential oil you like to burn, you know what works. If you don’t, start experimenting.

Sleep tip: you’re very pragmatic, but are also liable to obsess over fairly innocuous things. Once you know what helps you to switch off, stick with it. 


How Best to Sleep if You’re an… Aquarius

People with this sign are very driven but can be prone to some internal chaos, so the Aquarius is prone to staying up late and even insomnia if they don’t learn how to switch off. As an Aquarius, you are extremely practical, and may only allow yourself the minimum amount of sleep to fit in other productive activities. 

Sleep tip: Getting to sleep quickly and sleeping well is the secret to achieving all your goals, so make sure you perfect your pre-sleep routine and don’t be afraid of going to bed early.


How Best to Sleep if You’re a… Pisces

Pisces are known for being compassionate and empathetic. While this makes them very good friends, colleagues, and partners, it also opens them up to losing sleep due to being concerned about others or the world around them.

Sleep tip: practice slow breathing and avoid screen time at least an hour before bedtime. Also, don’t allow yourself to watch or read the news after dinner time unless it’s absolutely vital.


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