How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

It's quite fascinating how weighted blankets have been around for many years, yet, the hype about them is only recent. The reason is that, before, they are exclusively marketed for children and people with anxiety disorders and sleep issues. "How heavy should a weighted blanket be?" used to be a question asked only but such population. But not anymore.

Everyone can use a little bit of help when it comes to relaxing, improving comfort levels and easing stress and anxiety. We all crave to get our hands on something that will take all our stress away - even for a little while. This is the very reason why most products in the market nowadays are like a magic pill for everything. 

For example, people who have sleep issues would try anything just to improve their sleep quality - be it sleeping pills, essential oils, etc. If this is your case, then you'd want to try weight blankets as well. For individuals who get anxiety attacks, weighted blankets offer the kind of comfort and support that can ease your symptoms. For people with sensory disorders, you can get that sweet, soothing feeling by getting yourself the perfect heavy blanket.

But how do you choose the perfect weighted blanket?

Weighted Blankets offer tons of benefits to its users. One can use it to relieve sleep deprivation, improve sleep quality, and even ease anxiety attacks. With all the perks you can enjoy with a weighted blanket, it's no wonder why many are buying one for themselves.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be

Buying a weighted blanket is nothing like purchasing your ordinary blanket. There are lots of things to consider. Such specialty blankets come in different weight, sizes, and fabric types. They also differ in materials, fillers used, and uses. This means you have many options to choose from. 

One also needs to consider who will use the comforter. Are you buying one for yourself or a loved one? Will a child use the weighted blanket, or are you buying one for an adult? Do they have special needs that you need to take note? How much does the user weight?  

The thing about weighted blankets is the apparent fact that they weigh a lot more than your typical types of blanket, comforter, and quilts. The most essential question to ask when buying a weighted blanket is "how heavy should it be?" The answer will be dependent on the weight of the user as well as other factors.

Weighted blankets work by employing Deep Pressure Touch Therapy. This type of therapy utilizes firm but gentle pressure brought about by weighted blankets. The added weight pushes your body to stimulate a calming and soothing effect without causing distress or panic. Weighted blankets help compliment Deep Pressure Touch Therapy, alleviating many signs and symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress-related symptoms, and even autism.

Top-quality weighted blankets are made from safe, toxin-free, and high-quality materials that are soft to touch and comfortable to cuddle with. However, not all weighted blanket suppliers are the same. Go for one that only offers premium-grade weighted blankets at an affordable price.

So, How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be?

It is essential to note that one needs to consider the configurations of the user's body first when choosing a weighted blanket. According to occupational therapists, the ideal weight of a weighted blanket should not be more than 10% of the user's weight. You can choose to add up to 2 extra pounds if 10% additional weight is not enough.

However, not all suppliers offer customized weighted blankets. This is why some manufacturers recommend consumers to choose a weighted blanket that is between 5%-15% of their body weight. One can calculate for this by multiplying your weight in pounds by 0.1. 

For people who weigh about 70lbs-120lbs, the suggested weight of a weighted blanket is 10lbs. If you're among those who weigh 120lbs-170lbs, choose one that is 15lbs in weight. For people with weight ranging from 190lbs-220 lbs, choose a weighted blanket at 20lbs. If you weigh between 220lbs-270lbs, the ideal weight of your comforter needs to be 25lbs. For the heavier population with over 270lbs-320lbs, the suggested weight of your weighted blanket is 30lbs.

Take note that for children, it is critical that you will choose weighted blankets kids. These are a lot smaller in size and lighter in weight. The sheet should be no more than 10% of the child's body weight. They should be able to carry it easily, move freely while under the blanket, take the sheet off, and breathe properly while using it. For a more accurate conversion, find a supplier that can customize a weighted blanket for you to suit your needs better.

It is vital to note that a weighted blanket's purpose is to apply deep yet gentle pressure. The added weight is not meant to crush you, make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. These are intended to help you feel at ease, improve your sleep quality, and ease anxiety. In short, weighted blankets are meant to provide therapeutic aid - not add to the stress of its user. 

If you bought a heavy blanket and it feels like you're suffocated or the weight restricts your movement, then it would be best to find another one. Choose another heavy quilt that weighs less than your first one. Remember – it's meant to offer comfort, not induce anxiety.

Stick to a weighted blanket that weighs 10% of your body weight. This is not just to increase your comfort level, but for safety reasons as well. This is especially true among children. 

Using a weighted blanket on kids that are more than 10% of their body weight can pose as a safety hazard. Since lots of kids tend to move around while sleeping, the comforter can cause them to feel restricted, causing them to wake up panicking and crying. 

No matter the age and size, the 10% body weight recommendation will always be your safest choice.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be: Do I Really Need To Stick To The 10% Body Weight Recommendation?

To achieve the therapeutic effects that a weighted blanket has to offer, one needs to utilize a heavy blanket that has 10% of your total body weight. The equal 10% weight distribution allows deep but gentle pressure without the blanket being too heavy for the user. However, not everyone has the same preferences. 

Some people prefer a heavier quilt. Some enjoy the feeling of using a much heavier blanket while sleeping. If you're among the number of people who enjoys a much heavier blanket, you can opt to add up to two pounds when buying a weighted blanket. For those who feel like the 10% body weight recommendation is too heavy for them, you can choose a lighter specialty blanket. 

Consider the preference of the user when buying a weighted blanket to maximize the therapeutic effects. Check if they want a heavier or lighter blanket before buying. This will increase their comfort level while using the comforter. It will also save you time and cash from having to buy another heavy blanket to wait to receive the perfect weighted blanket.

If this is your first buying a weighted blanket for yourself, it would be best to experiment on one first, if possible. Ask a family or friend who owns a weighted blanket. See if you can try it out just to be sure you don't overdo it. Ask who their supplier is and what the specifications of the quilt are. For example, check for the type of materials and fillers used as well as the size of the blanket.

If you're not satisfied with the 10% recommended weight, then try adding a pound or two. If the 10% weight recommendation is to heavy for you, choose a lighter one until you find your preferred weight.

Choosing The Correct Weighted Blankets Size

Addressing sleep problems, stress, and other disorders can take a toll on your well-being. Failure to complete a sleep cycle, the stress caused by everyday issues and having other disorders can affect your mood and how you handle and manage stress. This is why when buying a weighted blanket, you should know your reason for buying one and what your size preferences are.

Weighted blankets adults come in a variety of sizes to match the different bed or room sizes. You can choose between single, double, queen, or kings sized weighted blankets. Knowing what size your bed is can help you determine the perfect size before placing an order. 

For older adults, choose between twin, queen, and King sized weighted blankets. These need to fit snuggly on top of your mattress. For couples, the perfect weighted blanket size would be the King sized weighted blankets. These are longer in length and wider in width, giving you more space that can accommodate more than one user. You can even order a custom-sized weighted blanket if you need it longer or wider.

If you intend to order one for a child or a smaller adult, you can request a personalized weighted blanket and narrow down the size. This will ensure that the heavy blanket is long and wide enough for the user and fits their bed appropriately.

How do you know if the weighted blanket is the correct size for your bed?

When it comes to weighted blankets (or any blanket for that matter), choosing the correct size for your bed is essential to make sure you get the best out of your investment. Let's face it. Due to their heavier weight and the benefits you can get from these specialized blankets, it's no wonder why they cost more than your conventional comforters.

The length of your heavy blanket has to match your height and the dimensions of your bed. This is because we don't buy a bed that is not a comfortable size. Also, keep in mind that your blanket needs to fit on top of your mattress perfectly. It should not hang on the sides of your bed. This is especially true for users who are children and have clinical conditions.

For picky ones, then it would be best to have your weighted blanket custom-made. This will ensure you will get the perfect size for you or the person you intended to buy a weighted blanket for. Simply measure the top portion and across your mattress. The blanket should be lying on top of you while lying, covering the bed but not hanging over the sides.

What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Size For Your Weighted Blanket

Because heavier blankets vary not only weight, but also in sizes, this means your concern is not just how Heavy Should a weighted blanket be, but what size to pick as well. To make sure you get to choose the best size, take note of the following considerations.

Reasons for buying a heavier comforter

Most people crave to own a weighted blanket because these can help improve the quality of your sleep. Take insomniacs, for example. People with insomnia often have trouble falling asleep. If they do fall asleep, they fail to stay asleep for as long as they need. In such cases, the quality of sleep is compromised. By using a weighted blanket, it can promote better sleep quality, thus improve their mood, health, and well-being.

Others use weighted blankets to ease some of their symptoms. For people who have an anxiety disorder, the added weight can help reduce their anxiety symptoms, soothing and calming them during anxiety attacks. Knowing the reason why you opted to buy a heavy comforter can help you choose the best size.

How you intend to use the weighted blanket

We all have different ways of how we use our blankets. Others prefer sleeping fully cloaked in blankets. Some sleep with the blanket on their chin to their feet. There are also some people who only cover their trunk to feet or chin to knees. The type of blanket user you are can affect the size of your weighted blanket. Make sure to consider this when buying so you will only have to pay for the size you need.

Sleeping preferences

Some people sleep comfortably by having a blanket of their own. There are also others who prefer sharing their blankets with their loved ones. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to buy a bigger weighted blanket that can fit you and your partner or one that is just the perfect size to accommodate you.

If you prefer not to share your weighted blanket, then you go ahead and choose the size that fits a single person. However, for those who like to share their comforters, they may find a queen or king-sized quilt a better choice.


There are those who prefer keeping their blanket inside their bedrooms. Other like using it out of the room, even on car trips and therapy sessions. If you like taking your weighted blanket everywhere you go, it would be best to choose one for your bedroom, and another lighter and portable one that you can take wherever you may go.

Weight And Width Ranges Of Weighted Blankets

Knowing the right proportions, such as width and length, are also a must when choosing a weighted blanket. Some suppliers and manufacturers offer weighted blankets in different widths and lengths. For children, the width is usually between 30 inches to 38 inches. For adults, these are often 36 inches to 42 inches in diameter. If your bed is a queen size, then it would best to choose one that is up to 64 inches. 

For people whose height is under 5 feet tall, your weighted blanket can be about 42 inches to 60 inches in length. For those taller than 5 feet, you can go between 50 inches to 80 inches in diameter.

When shopping weighted blankets for kids, it's okay if the comforter is a bit longer for them as kids generally grow faster. However, for kids under six years of age, the ideal length is about 44 inches. For those six years and above, you can go for one that is up to 60 inches in diameter.

Thickness Of A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are thicker than your regular comforters since they weigh more. What makes them thicker, heavier, and grants them more volume are the tiny fillers that are equally distributed in the blanket. The blanket maybe around half to one inch thick.

Choosing The Right Fabric

Weighted blankets now come in a variety of fabrics. But how do you choose which material is the perfect one for you? The answer usually depends on your sensory preferences.

For people who easily perspire or are prone to hot flashes, it's best to choose a heavy blanket made from quilt fabric. This fabric is a lot cooler but tends to be rough to touch. We recommend such fabric to menopausal women. This is also perfect during summertime.

On the other hand, people who tend to always get cold, it's best to opt for a flannel quilt. This material is ideal during the cold months and for people who are always cold as it can retain heat better than quilt fabric.

Take your budget into consideration as some fabrics are cheaper than the other. Also, consider if the individual who will use this have sensory needs. Weighted blanket manufacturers also build specialty comforters that can provide plenty of sensory stimulation. This is perfect for individuals who have sensory processing disorder.a

Weighted Blanket Fillers

One should also consider the fillers when choosing a weighted blanket. Some fillers are organic, while others are inorganic. Organic fillers can effectively conduct and absorb heat, making them the perfect choice during the cold weather. Inorganic fillers, on the other hand, are much cooler as they don't conduct heat. Choose a weighted blanket with inorganic filler if you want to use one in the summer. 

A weighted blanket's weight comes from the fillers used. The inorganic fillers are usually glass, steel, or plastic beads. For organic fillers, these can be unusual materials such as rice and sand.  

Micro-glass beads are usually heavier, smoother and of higher quality. Such materials tend to be the most in-demand in weighted blankets.

Recognizing The Quality of Weighted Blankets

Just because some heavy blankets cost more than the other already meant they already offer the best quality. This also goes to show that not all cheap weighted blankets are ineffective and low in quality.  So, how can you tell if the quality of a specialty blanket is good or not?

As cheesy as it may sound, the answer is, knowledge is power. Doing your research about the materials used and the supplier is the best way to determine if the weighted blanket you're about to buy is high-quality or not.

Here are some tips for finding good quality weighted blankets.

  • First, check the filler and fabric of the blanket. These two won't only affect the price, but the quality of the weighted blanket as well. When it comes to fillers, most regard micro-glass beads as one of the highest quality.
  • Do your research on the manufacturer. Some other brands stand out from the rest not purely because of good reasons. Others are due to their cheap but quality weighted blankets, others for their bad reviews. If you know someone who uses such specialty blankets, ask for their feedback and recommendations. 
  • Choose a reliable weighted blanket manufacturer. Check for online reviews and read their terms and conditions. Reputation matters when choosing a supplier.

Where Can You Buy Premium Quality Weighted Blankets?

Before, it can be hard to find the ideal weighted blanket as such specialty blankets are not that popular. Thankfully, nowadays, it is quite easy to find a supplier that sells top-quality weighted blankets. 

But where buy weighted blankets adults?

All it takes is simple internet research, and tons of results will show up. Even top merchandising stores like eBay, Amazon, Rocabi, and Etsy now sells quality weighted blankets.

Although there are lots of stores online that offers weighted blankets, it would be best to choose a supplier that specializes in such a niche. These stores have a deep understanding of how specialty blankets can help ease many symptoms and disorders and can recommend the perfect comforter depending on your needs. They offer consumers not just sizes and weight options, but other selections as well such as more fabric, hand-made, monogramming, materials, and custom-made specifications.

Choosing the right fabric helps those who are allergic to certain types of fabric find one that can perfectly suit their needs. For people with a sensory processing disorder, this is especially essential as they can be overly or underly responsive to individual senses, including touch.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Buy A Weighted Blanket?

The price of a weighted blanket depends on the size, fabric, filler, and weight. The quality and seller is also a factor on how much it would cost you to buy one. For example, you wish to but the best weighted blankets adults. One can buy a premium quality specialty blanket such as the Luxury Weighted Blanket & Removable Minky Cover by Rocabi between $139.00 to $199.00 when on sale.

When buying a weighted blanket, make sure to consider who you are purchasing the quilt for. If it is for a child, then you can expect the heavy blanket to be at a much lower price. The reason is that weighted blankets for children are shorter in length and lighter in weight.

The price also varies depending on the brand that sells the blanket, and if the sheet caters to a more specialized audience. 

Is It Better To Buy or DIY Weighted Blankets?

Due to the rising popularity of weighted blankets, tons of stores, both in-store and online, now offer these heavier blankets. Some websites even claim that you can create your very ow weighted blanket at a fraction of a cost. One only needs to know where to buy the materials required to recreate their version effectively.

But is it better to DIY your weighted blanket? Or is buying one the best choice?

For those who want to test weighted blankets, you can choose to DIY yours first before buying one. Many claims these are much cheaper than store-bought weighted blankets. However, not everyone has the time, patience, and dedication to create a weighted blanket from scratch. Besides, with all the things you need to consider, you may not effectively recreate a heavy blanket that offers the same therapeutic effects.

If you have the resources, then buying a weighted blanket is obviously the best choice for you. You can simply choose the right type of materials, size, and weight, and you can already enjoy the perks that such specialty blankets have to offer. 

Can One Use More Than A Single Weighted Blanket At Once?

As long as it feels right and comfortable, then go ahead and use more than one weighted blanket at once. This is assuming you're an adult who uses a heavier sheet that belongs to children. It also makes sense to use more than one weighted blanket if the weather demands you to snuggle and seek more warmth. 

Two weighted blankets can also benefit those who require additional deep touch stimulation. For example, a person suffering from anxiety attack could use the benefits of two weighted blankets. However, during these cases, make sure you keep an eye on the user. This is to make sure they are safe and comfortable while using the two weighted blankets. What matters most is that you're comfortable while using a weighted blanket or two.

Safety Tips When Using Weighted Blankets

Just because weighted blankets offer many therapeutic effects doesn't necessarily mean one can be careless when choosing and using these specialty blankets. There are safety concerns to consider when it comes to heavier comforters, so make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Pick the right size, weight, fabric, and material when choosing a weighted blanket. Consider the user's height and unique needs before buying one.
  • The recommended weight is 10% of the user's weight. If you prefer a heavier blanket, you can add in 1-2 pounds.
  • Try out the blanket before sleeping under it. This is especially true if the weighted blanket is for kids or people with certain conditions. Try testing the sheet by using it for 15 minutes. One needs to be comfortable with the added weight, can easily move and breath while under the weighted blanket.
  • We suggest not to use weighted blankets on infants and people with limited mobility. If the blanket does help them fall asleep better, never leave them unsupervised while using the blanket.
  • Never wrap a minor child with a weighted blanket. They may not be strong enough to remove the blanket if needed. It would be best to place the sheet over the top for easy movement and comfort.
  • For people suffering from Claustrophobia, it would be best to skip the weighted blanket. While these offer tons of benefits, the added weight and pressure can only lead to panic attacks. 


In general, heavier blankets are safe to use for most people. People with insomnia, anxiety, and sensory processing disorders are not the only ones who can benefit from weighted blankets. You can buy one for yourself if you like the feeling of cuddling, being held, or having extra weight on you while sleeping.

Choosing the right weighted blanket and using it responsibly is the best way to enjoy the perks that weighted blankets have to offer. It can reduce your anxiety, lower your stress levels, help you sleep better and longer at night, and even appease the sensory requirements of individuals with special needs.

No matter your age, height, or situation, the ideal weight of a weighted blanket is 10% of your total body weight. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a lighter or heavier quilt.