are weighted blankets safe for dogs

Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Dogs? Here's Why Your Dog Needs One

Weighted blankets are famous for their ability to reduce anxiety, ease insomnia, and fight against stress. Because of these benefits, many dog owners also bought one for their furbabies. But are weighted blankets safe for dogs?

When it comes to our pets, we only give what we think is best for them. With all the benefits we humans get from weighted blankets, can dogs share the same effect as these have to offer to their human counterparts? Before we answer this, let's check what the hype about weighted blankets is all about.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

These unique blankets have tons of benefits thanks to their ability to offer DTP, also known as DPT. DTP is an acronym for Deep Touch Pressure. On the other hand, DPT stands for Deep Pressure Therapy.

This proprioceptive therapy makes use of the heavier weight of the blanket to help release the chemical called serotonin. This, in turn, helps regulate and modulate some brain functions. The result of using a weighted blanket is a calming effect on your nervous system, which makes them an excellent tool for treating anxiety disorders.

What Is The Theory Behind The Weighted Blankets Calming Effect?

By using a heavier blanket, it gives off the feeling of being held or swaddled. Such action gives a sense of security, soothing its users to calm down their nerves. This phenomenon is what we call Sensory Integration.

Sensory Integration makes use of your five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound) as well as body awareness, movement, and the pull of gravity to interpret information. With a weighted blanket extra weight causing consistent and deep pressure, it can help lower your stress and anxiety levels. When using one while you're feeling stressed, it calms your body, urging your brain to follow suit.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Dogs? Weighted Blankets Benefits

The best weighted blankets offer tons of benefits. Some of the tried and tested perks of using one are as follows.

Calms Down Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety and Depression Association Of America reveals that 40 million adults have anxiety disorders. Even though these can be treated, only more than 30% receives treatment. One of the easiest ways to ease anxiety symptoms is by using a weighted blanket.calms anxiety attacks

Anxiety and Depression Association Of America reveals that 40 million adults have anxiety disorders. Even though these can be treated, only more than 30% receives treatment. One of the easiest ways to ease anxiety symptoms is by using a weighted blanket.

One of the weighted blanket benefits is its ability to calm down the nervous system. During an anxiety attack, you can snuggle with your weighted blanket, wait for a few moments, and let the deep touch pressure work. With the release of serotonin comes the calming effect, helping you relieve your anxiety.

This is especially important if you're home alone or is traveling by yourself. Thankfully, you can also choose to bring a portable weighted lap blanket that you can keep with you at all times. These are lighter, smaller, and easier to carry than most weighted blankets.

Relieves Insomnia And Improves Sleep Quality

According to Science Daily, 1 in 4 Americans experiences insomnia every year. For some people, trying to fall asleep can be a nightmare. Why? Those fail to find a good sleeping position while day time stressors still plague others. There are those wakes up too early in the morning while some do fall asleep, but still, don't feel good and well-rested.

The result is poor sleep quality, which can significantly affect your mood, decision-making, and mental capabilities. Some will have difficulty remembering things, fail to focus their attention on important tasks; others will feel sad, unhappy, or depressed while some can be irritable and irrational. By using quality weighted blankets, the firm but gentle pressure helps release serotonin. This helps in calming your mind and body down, finally letting you doze off and get that good night's sleep you deserve.

Helps In Managing Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms

Some people have hypersensitivity to loud noises, touch, surprises, and even poor balance while others can get distracted with the smallest sound, are indifferent to pain and have no sense of personal space. By using a weighted blanket such as the Luxury Weighted Blanket & Removable Minky Cover by Rocabi, the added and evenly distributed weight can help manage symptoms associated with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Helps Improve Focus

For people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it can be easy to lose their focus. If you're one who can get easily distracted even especially if you're working on important matters, then a weighted blanket, vest or wrap should help. Thanks to the even weight, it enables you to finish your tasks at hand by directing your attention to what matters most.

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What Are Weighted Blankets Benefits For Dogs? Are weighted Blankets Safe For Dogs?

Some dogs tend to experience anxiety more than others. If your canine buddy is generally stressed, its best to take them to the vet to check if they are sick or in pain, but if the vet ruled out such symptoms, then your dog must be stressed by specific things.

It is essential that dog owners like you determine whether or not your dog is anxious or not and learn about the things that can cause their stress and anxiety.

The following are the common symptoms dogs show when they are anxious or stressed.

  • Increased Sleeping Hours and Lethargy

Senior dogs tend to sleep more than puppies. But if you find your usually lively dog sleeping for an extended period or seems to be overly lethargic, then it can either mean it is stressed, sick or has a condition that requires medical help.

  • Isolation

Even dogs need their alone time every now and then. But if you find your dog is continuously isolating itself and doesn't have any illness, then the strange behavior may mean your dog is distressed.

  • Destructive Behavior

When your dog tries to destroy things inside your house whenever you leave them even for a short while but are trained to behave and are an angel when you're around, it can mean they are experiencing separation anxiety.

  • Decrease in Appetite

Some dogs tend to act like humans when stressed or anxious. Some will have decreased in appetite, which will eventually lead to loss of weight.

What Are The Common Causes Of A Dog's Anxiety And Stress?

Loud Noise

We often hear in the news that lots of dogs go missing during New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July. The reason is because of the many fireworks that color the sky at night. Loud noises such as firecrackers, motorcycles, cars, trains, or even a large crowd of people. Some other sounds that can trigger a dog's anxiety can include vacuums, blenders, and thunder.

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Are weighted blankets safe for dogs during travel? Some dogs love to stick their tongue out in the window while riding a car, but there are those who feel upset while traveling. Some would hide, whimper, or pees while others would bark, crowd your arm, will try to sit on your lap or even jump while inside the moving vehicle. These symptoms can prove to be hazardous and can ruin your trip also if you have them under the leash or is on a dog car seat/harness.


Separation anxiety is common to some dog breeds like Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, and German and Australian Shepherds. The symptoms usually include a clingy dog who barks excessively, tries to chew and destroy things inside your home when you're not around, digging, pacing, and howling.

Using A-Weighted Blanket To Ease Stress And Anxiety Symptoms On Dogs

Are weighted blankets safe for dogs for anxiety treatment? A weighted blanket is an excellent way to help relieve your dog's stress and anxiety. The use of weighted blanket anxiety will depend on the symptoms your dog is showing.

For example, for dogs with separation anxiety, it would be best for the owner to use the weighted blanket first before giving it to your dog. This way, your dog can smell you in the blanket, giving them something to snuggle with while you're not around. With the blanket's fabric having traces of your familiar smell, this will ease their anxiety until you're able to reunite with your canine buddy.

Make sure to leave their blanket somewhere they can easily find it. However, if a dog tends to chew and destroy things when you're away, it would be best to hold off giving the weighted blanket as they might ruin the fabric and eat some of the beads inside. Address the chewing issue first to make sure they don't ingest the beads when you give the weighted blanket to them.

Dogs who fear loud noises will find it calming to have a weighted blanket around waiting for them to cuddle with. The blanket mimics that feeling of being hugged, thus helping release serotonin and calm their nerves. Keep this on their bed or somewhere where the loud noise is muffled.

For dogs who hate traveling, giving them a weighted anxiety blanket will help them keep still and calm. This can even help them fall asleep during the ride, making the trip go easier and letting the driver focus on the road.

But Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Dogs?

We can all agree that not everyone likes the feeling of being swaddled or tucked in by a blanket or comforter. The same goes for our pets. Some don't like heavy blankets when they sleep as it can sometimes be a little bit restrictive, while others don't like sleeping with any blankets at all. However, if your dog is one of those who loves snuggling in blankets, you can try a weighted blanket with just the right weight to help them fall asleep and ease anxiety.

By considering your pet's weight when buying one, you can find the perfect weighted blanket that will best suit your dog. For example, smaller pets may find weighted blankets to be a bit restrictive. This is especially true if you choose one that weighs two to four pounds and your dog only weighs less than 10 pounds.

Safety risks are surrounding weighted blankets, especially if your dog has certain conditions such as the following.

  • Dogs who love chewing on their blankets

Are weighted blankets safe for dogs who loves to chew? These blankets have non-toxic heavy plastic or glass beads with sand-like textures. This ensures an even weight distribution throughout the blanket. If your dog loves chewing on random things, especially blankets, there is a risk of your dog tearing the sheet and ingesting some of these beads. Eating these little beads can lead to stomach upset and cause your furbaby to vomit or experience diarrhea. The worst-case scenario is these can cause an intestinal blockage, which needs surgical intervention to address the issue.

  • Dogs that are brachycephalic

Are weighted blankets safe for dogs that are brachycephalic?Some dogs have short snouts such as Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, Pugs, French, and English Bulldogs are prone to respiratory distress. Because of this, any added extra weight can cause them to have difficulty in breathing, especially if you let them use your weighted blanket. Using a blanket that is more than 10% of their weight can also cause panic if it prevents them from moving freely and easily. For some brachycephalic dogs, their flat nose prevents them from expelling heat. If the blanket is too heavy and warm, it can cause respiratory distress.

  • Dogs with certain skin conditions

Are weighted blankets safe for dogs that have skin conditions? Pets who have skin conditions like sores, hotspots, flea allergy, and dermatitis have sensitive skin. The constants weight from weighted blankets can cause pressure and friction when they move and can be very irritating to their skin.

When it comes to dogs and weighted blankets, there are certain special blankets that you can give to your furbaby. It's best to choose a blanket that is no more than 10% of its body weight. This way, they will be able to move freely without feeling restricted. For smaller dogs, you can opt to choose a weighted lap blanket, a weighted vest, or even a weighted wrap as these weigh lighter. These are a lot more snug-fitting on your pets, providing just the right amount of weight and pressure to help them fall asleep faster and better, and in aiding them to ease anxiety.